Bob's Oregon / California tour 2003


Here's how it all began, in the parking lot of the Camas Valley Post Office (note: they're very friendly to bike tourers, gladly letting us park the car there for the next 8 days). Jason and Denise loading up their tandem, my bike's ready to go on the other side of the car.

From here we rode northwest, down the mountains towards the coast on the first day.

Day two. We leave camp, and start heading south down the coast. Stopping in Bandon for a little lunch, Denise is bummed that her favortire restaraunt in town is closed, we're forced to eat fresh fish and chips at another nearby local. Dessert of home-made fudge follows, I leave town a happy camper.
Heading further south on day 2 we hit the town of Port Orford OR. Nice coastal town, good views of the ocean, and a fantastic road that will take us down to Humbug Mountain, the next camping area. Along the way we had the rare treat of seeing a whale in the bay.

Below are a couple more shots taken while riding along this portion. Picture immediately below if a fluke, it's taken at mid-day but the exposure on the camera goes awry resulting in a neat shot.

The next day we south again, towards Gold Beach, and ultimately to Brookings OR. Again spectacular scenery, great riding, and great weather.
The next evening, I was treated to this spectacular sunset at our campground. Jason and Denise chose to go to a talk on Bat's instead, hope it was worth missing this!
The next day we start heading inland, down through California, towards Jedediah Smith State park and some Redwoods. As usual on this trip, sunny and beautiful weather.

Below, for those of us that enjoy a good hill climb, this was a great day with a 26 mile climb ending with 3 miles of 7% grade. Below left is the summit, below right me marveling at the redwoods.

Arriving at Medford was just plain hot. This was the only "bad" weather we had, one really hot day.


The next day we pressed on, back north starting to close up the loop route we were on.

Here it is, end of the road, back at the post office in Cammas Valley. I got a bonus treat the last day, upon arriving at the campground we had intended to stay at on night 7, we discovered is was not somewhere we wanted to spend the night. So I rode the remaining route for day 8 that afternoon, finishing the 120 mile day with an 11 mile climb to Cammas Valley. Hopped in the car and went back to pick up J & D at the crappy campground and head it home.


Great trip, thanks to Denise and Jason for planning it all out.