Custom Tandems


Custom tandems are a specialty of mine, particularly lugged tandems. Lugged tandems are exceptionally rare these days, there are only a handful of builders left in the world willing to tackle the challenge of building them. There are basically no lug castings available for tandems, so I make the lugs for these from scratch.

As you can imagine a fully lugged tandem is a large undertaking hence the much steeper price tag compared to my fillet brazed tandem frames. However I think if you look around you'll find they're right in line on price with so-called "premium" non-custom tandems from several major manufacturers, but they're in a league of their own in terms of quality and aesthetic. Fully lugged tandem frames start around $5000.

All my tandems are custom sized to fit your specific needs, and to fit both riders as well as possible. The options are basically endless on these, talk to me about what you're looking for and I can probably make it a reality.


In addition to fully lugged tandems, I also offer fillet brazed tandems. There isn't really much functional difference between these and my lugged tandems, it's mostly aesthetic and cost. Fillet brazed tandems are simply less expensive because I don't have to build lugs for them. The tubes are brass brazed together, then the joints are filed to beautiful smoothly flowing fillets. This technique also opens up a few more options including shaped tubing. Fillet brazed tandems start around $4000.

All my tandems feature the same quality tubing from Reynolds, Columbus, and True Temper as my single frames, but the tubes are specifically selected to fit the special needs of tandems. I have quite a bit of personal experience in understanding the specific needs of tandems from my years of riding and racing tandems both on and off-road.

Please take a look around my tandem gallery for many more pictures of my custom tandems, or email or call me with questions.

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