Custom Single Bicycle Frames:

This is where it all began and they're still the majority of my work. I build custom designed bicycle frames to fit all variety of rider for nearly any type of riding whether road racing, touring, track, off-road or anything in-between.

My custom frames are a perfect melding of traditional construction techniques with state of the art materials.

The vast majority of my work is creating silver brazed, lugged steel frames (however fillet brazed frames are also available). I start with the finest quality investment cast lugs available and a mixture of premium steel tubing from manufacturers such as Reynolds, Columbus, Dedacchai, and True Temper. I specify each individual tube for each frame to provide the absolute best combination of durability, ride quality and weight for your intended usage.

I hand file and shape every lug on every frame to ensure just the right shape and form. The level of complexity of lug carving is entirely up to your personal taste. Some go all out with multiple carvings in every lug, others simply want an exceptionally clean execution of a traditional single point lug. I will work with you to build exactly what you want.

There are many options available to truly personalize your frame including polished stainless lugs, matching lugged stems, custom carving and inlays, a myriad of finishing options and many more. Talk to me about your ideas and I will do my best to achieve or help develop your vision of a perfect bicycle.


Quality and perfect execution are the objective of my business, not volume and huge sales growth. Every aspect of creating a Bob Brown Cycles frame is performed by me in my shop. That is how I can ensure the quality of every part. This is certainly not the fastest, easiest, or cheapest way to make a bicycle frame, but it is what creates the soul of a Bob Brown Cycles bicycle.

Custom single bike framesets run around$3000, but of course vary with complexity of lugs and/or carving. See the services page for more pricing information.

Full build kits are also also available for your new frame at great prices.

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Last updated on 2/07/07 - Copyright 2007 Bob Brown Cycles L.L.C.