I know what you're thinking, Bob, why is there furniture on your website, you're a bike builder. True, but I'm really just a builder at heart. I make a lot of things, but furniture has been popular lately. I do sell this stuff as well, but it's not well suited to shipping so it's really best for local customers.

It all started with needing a new bed frame, then people saw that one...

Most of what I've been building is steel frame furniture, but I do some woodwork as well and mix 'em together too.

It's all custom, just like the bikes. The bed frames are fairly similar from a functional point of view, but can vary depending on your tastes. The two beds shown here are welded construction, mostly 2" square steel tubing. Typically these run about $6-700 depending on how much steel I need.

The entertainment center shown is totally unique designed around the specific items going in it. The finish on that one is a little more unique. It appears to be bare steel with sanding marks left in it, but really it's got several tinted coats of translucent paint and clear to protect the steel.

Got an idea you've wanted, let me know, I can probably build it. Most of my work is very contemporary and very sturdy!

The finish shown here to the left is my most common, it's a black oxide coating on the steel with several coats of lacquer clear over it. The coating is fairly black, but shows the shimmer of the steel through it along with hints of gold and dark orange in certain lighting. It's a neat effect that most seem to really like, however all kinds of finishes are available.

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